Losing weight is a challenge!  It takes time and requires motivation and a change in unhealthy habits. For changing habits, you should keep track of your daily routines. Weight loss apps help you a lot in this. Here’s how: They monitor your exercise time, the number of calories you take, etc. They also provide you diet plans and workouts, helps you to decide which healthy item you should add to your cart in the grocery stores and monitor your weight. That’s why in this article I will tell you about free weight loss apps that will surely help you in losing weight.

1.     Cronometer

 You can sign it up and use it for free. It tracks your fitness, nutrition, and health data accurately. You can see your progress and nutrition on time.

It can track 60+ nutrients from 300,000 foods and can customize targets, track biometrics, and create custom recipes and foods. It supports diets like keto, paleo, dash and many more.

It is simple and easy to use.

2.     Fooducate

This app helps you to select healthy items during shopping. It can scan the barcode on the product in grocery store and the product is graded automatically (A, B or C).

It tracks your exercise, diet and calorie quality. It can choose healthier alternatives of items and tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of product. This app helps you to create healthy shopping list by analyzing products.

3.     My Weight Loss Coach

my weight loss coach
my weight loss coach

It helps you keep your inner motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes, resist cravings, avoid exercise laziness, and other weight loss difficulties.

With this slimming app, it is also possible to see the evolution of your weight curve, receive “motivation” alerts and … have a cravings SOS to help us avoid deviations!

This application for losing weight is a real coach that motivates us every day. Thanks to its versatility, it serves as both a diet diary AND a calorie calculator.

It is a healthy slimming application that allows us to achieve our long-term goals.

4.     MyFitnessPal

The mission of this sliming application is to calculate the calories intake in 2 or 3 clicks. You have to just enter the foods you ate and you will know the number of calories you just swallowed.

Thanks to its database of who can hold 4 million international foods and dishes.  If you want to save time, you can also scan the barcode of the item to find it more easily in the database.

This slimming application is a tool for calculating calories in a whole dish. MyFitnessPal contains the most impressive calorimeter information system. In this application, you lose 6,000,000 foods and daily participations.

In addition, the calorie counter also allows you to categorize and store your favorite foods in favorites.

So what are you waiting for? Start losing weight with MyFitnessPal through the employer’s most obvious calorimeter.

  Download this application to lose weight on iPhone   or Android

It also provides the facility to follow friends who are also users of the MyFitnessPal application and to encourage them in their weight loss goal!

5.     Lifesum

Lifesum With its millions of users, is the application that will allow you to track yours eating habits to give advice on eating healthy or losing weight.

And if you are doubtful, it is possible to take a test to find out what your needs are depending on your lifestyle and your schedule.

Expert advice, calorie counter, recipes, tips, personalized meal planner, motivation system.  Lifesum is your essential smartphone coach if you are looking to lose weight.

6.     Lose It!

Lose It! is a free application for those who want to lose weight. With this calorie counter you can:

  • Have a personalized weight loss plan.
  • Track a food and exercise database.
  • Find your community of inspiration, guidance, support and challenges.

Moreover, this app also has barcode scanner that helps to add food to your cart.

It saves foods that you enter mostly, so that you can choose them easily from the list when you want to eat. It will also give you daily and weekly reports on calorie intake.

If you use the app to monitor your weight, it will show your weight changes on a graph.

It is different from other weight loss apps because it has a “Snap It” feature, which allows you to monitor your intake and portion sizes easily by taking pictures of your food.

7.     Fitbit


To lose pounds it is important to monitor your exercise habits with an activity tracker. Fitbit is an excellent app to help you track physical activity.

It measures your level of activity of the whole day by recording the number of steps taken, kilometers you have traveled, stairs climbed. It can also monitor heart rate. It is the place where all of your physical activity information is synced. You can also track your water and food intake, sleep patterns, and weight goals using Fitbit.

Fitbit also has social specs. You can connect with your friends and family who are the users of Fitbit. You can also take part in different “challenges” with them and share your progress if you want.

You can set alarms as a reminder on Fitbit to get started an exercise. It can let you know how close you are to your fitness goals for the day by sending notifications to your phone. Moreover, you receive “rewards” each time you achieve a goal.

8.     30 Day Fitness Challenge: weight loss app in one month

This app contains exercises to be performed at home, suitable for everyone, and at any time. It is developed by a professional fitness trainer. The 30-day fitness challenge helps you to improve your physical appearance and well-being. In this app, you can view the abs exercises, challenges, and full-body challenges.

9.     Runtastic: running application to lose weight

Runtastic is an adorable application to download so that you can save all your workouts such as running, cycling, walking, skiing… Enjoy ever more detailed analyzes, coaching and measurement for your comrades. Runtastic will give you all the help you need to stay motivated. In addition, this application loses weight keeping your trajectory on your goals:

  • cardio,
  • weight loss,
  • Medicine in general.

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