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Do you want to enhance your physical condition but don’t know where to start? The hardest part is often getting started, so let us guide you with these three fitness exercises beginners (woman and man) to regain your health.

Tips: Remember to always warm-up before you begin your workout and stretch when you are completed. Run in place, do side, front and back lunges, and circle your arms to stretch your shoulders. Always consult your doctor before starting a sport for dieting.

High-Intensity Fitness Exercises for Beginners: HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT sessions may seem intimidating at first glance, but these home fitness exercises are actually well suited for beginners. You can fit these short, intense exercises into your schedule to have your recommended 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per week.

Try this simple workout for beginners, repeating each movement for 20 seconds, then resting 10 seconds in between. Your goal is to perform 3 complete sets of the exercise.

What you will require:  sand, water and lots of space!

1. Boxing Exercise:

Standing, hips sideways and right foot in frontal of the left foot. Clamp your fists and lift your arms in front of you, as if you were boxing. Strike once with your right arm, then “cross” the strike with the left, so that your body turns to the right. Bring both arms backward still high, then do the same movement with the left side.

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anaerobic fitness

2. Small Jumps:

Place yourself feet together with your arms alongside your body. Take a small side jump on the left side, then forward, right and back. Repeat.

3. Flexing of Arms:

The hands should be aligned with the shoulders, the right spine and the firm body, to properly perform arm curls. A variant, in the event of difficulty, consists in supporting the knees on the ground. Start with 12 repetitions until you reach three daily sets.

4. Jumping Jack:

The jumping jack is an easy and efficient movement. Begin with your feet open and your arms toward the ceiling. Then, bring your legs together by jumping and taking your hands beside your body. Do the exercise for fifteen seconds, then give yourself a fifteen-second respite. In terms of duration, run jack for two minutes or the time it takes to feel an increase in heart rate and shortness of breath.

fitness exercise
physical exercise
anaerobic fitness

5. The Squat:

Position your feet so that they slightly exceed the width of your hips with your toes turned 45 degrees outwards. Raise your arms above your head. Without bending your back or torso, lower yourself until your thighs form a right angle to the ground, and lower your arms. Push back using the leg muscles, and bring your arms to the sides above your head. Repeat the exercise.

6. Lateral and Frontal Movements:

Weights should be used to build strong muscles. A half-liter water bottle filled with sand can be an economical and easy option to prepare. The movements can be carried out with the arms extended or by bending the elbows. Begin with 15 reps until reaching 3 sets per session.

Home Fitness Exercises for Beginners: Yoga

Yoga Movements

Yoga is a gentle yet powerful exercise for beginners, both for the body and the mind, and is a great workout for beginners. It is an exercise that tones and enhances, which is suggested to do at least twice a week as part of a healthy lifestyle. Start with easy positions and adjust them as you go, once your confidence and physical condition increase.

What you needa yoga mat.

First take the time to focus on your breathing, lying on your back on your mattress.

Bring your left leg back to your chest, squeezing with your hands. Hold for 20 seconds, then repeat with the other leg, stretching both legs after finishing.

Lie with your arms on your side and bend your knees to hip-width, positioning your feet flat on the floor and your heels against your buttocks. Gently and slowly, start lifting your lower back, using your arms to push up until your hips are in line with your knees. Gently come back down, vertebra by vertebra. Repeat 3 times.

Still, on your back, place your arms sideways at shoulder width. Curved the left knee so that your foot is touching the floor, but lower it on the other side of the body so that it is facing right. Look towards your left hand and carry the position for 20 seconds. Repeat with the right side.

Sit slowly, legs straight in front. Put your forearms on the floor on each side, opening your chest. Lift your hips so that only your heels are touching the ground and tilt your head back. If this position is too difficult, leave your legs on the ground.

Woman and Man Fitness Exercises

Create your own training program with these simple tips and increase the number of seats over time.

When exercising on new machines in the gym, always ask staff for advice on how to use it safely, and for those who use weights, start with light weights and then gradually shift to more weights. heavy to avoid overtaking you too much. Fitness exercises for beginners should be easy!

What you need: access to a stepper, a rower, a yoga ball, dumbbell and a weight machine for abs (cardio heating can be done without equipment).

3-5 minutes of Cardio Warm-up:

Use a treadmill for 3 to 5 minutes. If this type of exercise is new to you, run for a minute, then walk for a minute, and so on, until you can do the five minutes at a higher speed.

The Inclined Spread Press:

On an incline bench, put your dumbbells (one in each hand) at shoulder height while not completely extending your arm. Bring these dumbbells in front of you, breathing out, and ensure that they don’t hit each other. Then back to the original position and continue your repetitions.

The Stepper:

 Put your feet flat on the pedals, adjust your device and start walking by firmly pressing the pedals which will start to rise in turn, trying to keep up the pace. Continue for five minutes. 

fitness exercise
physical exercise
anaerobic fitness

The Rower:

Seated on the rower, put your feet on the platform in front of you and take the V-shaped handles with your hands. Extend your arms forward, then pull back so that your chest is at a right angle to your legs. Keep your body steady and pull back so that your hands touch your abdomen. Hold and slowly release to the right angle position and repeat 10 times.


You can program the abs for several difficulty levels, so start with the easiest one. Sit on the machine, feet below the small cushions and hands-on the upper handles. Pull down with the handles, while pushing up with your feet, constrict the torso and create tension in the abdominal muscles. Keep a slow, stable pace, using your abs rather than your legs to accomplish the movement. Repeat 10 times.

The Gap with Dumbbells:

Lie on your back on the bench, with a dumbbell in both hands. They should be at your shoulders, on the sides of your body. Be careful not to fully tension the bars. The exercise consists in bringing these dumbbells in front of you, while exhaling, without making them touch each other. Then lower your arms slowly while inhaling to the starting position and try again.

Raised Pumps with Yoga Ball:

To perform this exercise, you need a Yoga Ball ( Swiss Ball ) or an element that allows you to support yourself with your legs raised. The goal is to put your feet on the ball, for example, to perform your push-ups.

In this position, your whole body will be called upon. You will need to stabilize, especially with the Yoga ball, which works the abs, and do push-ups that will effectively build your chest muscles. Breath out when going down, breath in when you go back up.

The Bench Press:

A classic for chest muscles. Lying on a bench, a dumbbell in both hands overhand (palms down) and feet on the ground, you begin with the dumbbells at chest level. Raise these dumbbells in front of you while stretching your arms (not completely). Then slowly lower the dumbbells inhaling and start again. Blow with each new push.

The Bench Press in Tight Hammer Grip:

To develop your muscles, this (difficult) exercise is very good. Start by lying on the bench with your feet on the ground. Then place your dumbbells, one in each hand, against each other above your torso. The weights must touch. When exhaling hard, push them up without them moving away from each other. Then descend slowly, inhaling, then start again.

Remember to maintain a rhythm, not only during your exercise session but also in the frequency of your sessions. It is important not to force too much at the start. These are very simple exercises for beginners.

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