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Workouts at Home Cardiovascular Exercise at Home: 15 min Workout Program to do at Home

We all know that to keep in shape, physical activity is necessary. However, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the gym. And then it must be said, with the pace of life that we lead, time is sorely lacking. Going out for 30 minutes is, therefore, an option that we tend to relegate. In this case, the best is to practice at home. This is why many of us follow a cardio exercise program at home.

In this article, I will give you the detail of routine which allows exercising all the muscles in 15 minutes flat! You are going to work the quadriceps, the gluteal muscles, the abdominals, the biceps, and the triceps.

Cardio Exercises

Why adopt them?

As the name suggests, cardio workouts at home exercise is mainly used to build the heart. No doubt, this kind of exercise is generally very intense and is carried out over a short period. In this way the heart rate is speed up, the blood flow increases sharply and the full cardiovascular system is mobilized. As you can see, cardio exercise is a real boost that enhances your heart. And at this time, you will also boost your respiratory capacity, which is also widely mobilized during exercise.   

But who says physical exercise says energy expenditure. In addition to being beneficial for the heart, the cardio workouts at home exercise is, therefore, an excellent calorie burner! And yes, the practice of cardio workouts at home exercises is particularly recommended as part of a diet. But that’s not all, its exercises mobilize the whole body and allow all the muscles to work: glutes, abdominals, quadriceps … Cardio workouts at home exercises to shape and firm up. In addition to being a precious slimming ally, cardio exercise workouts at home is therefore also ideal if you want to gain lean mass or sculpt your body.

But the most popular advantage of this kind of exercise? And although all these benefits require only a few minutes a day! However, you will need to be constant and practice every day. With such a program, in one month you will see a noticeable enhancement in your physical endurance but also in your silhouette to be refined and outlined.

11 Cardio Exercises at Home: the Entire Program in 15 Minutes

Whether it’s to lose weight, to slim down, or just to take care of your heart system, here is a complete cardio exercise program to do at home. It won’t take you more than fifteen minutes. The ideal is to perform this circuit 3 times in a row. With each workouts at home exercise, the goal is to achieve the maximum repetitions during the time 30 seconds. Between each of them, recover for 1 minute 30.  

However, at the outset, if you can reach the end, consider that your cardio workouts at home exercise program at home is a complete success! Over time you can gradually make this circuit several times. At the start, don’t ask too much; finish the circuit, even slowly.  

At home, you will be convenient and motivated to do these exercises! Select a good playlist, motivating and rhythmic, and arrange a work program for yourself based on our recommendations.

Do Workouts at Home Cardio Exercises Every Day

Once the circuit is completed, remember to stretch properly. Otherwise, you risk having aches and you will find it even harder to do your cardio exercises the next day.

1) Knee Lift – 30 sec

To do this cardio exercise at home, it’s very simple: on-site, mount your knees perpendicular to the ground one after the other as quickly as possible. A bit like running around. During this exercise, take care that your back is straight and use your arms to give you some momentum. Moreover, this exercise works both legs and abs.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

2) Pumps – 30 sec

The push-ups are the home cardio exercise that cannot be missing from your program! You will be able to work all the muscles of the arms, but also your abs. The pumps have the great advantage of being able to be performed in different ways, depending on the part of the muscle you want to work but also according to your level.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

3) Doing Push-Ups at Home

So if you are not used to doing this type of exercise, you can put your knees on the floor. This way you don’t have to raise the whole weight of your body. However, ensure that they are far enough from your hands; otherwise, you will tend to lower the bust rather than performing the exercise with your arms.

Moreover, depending on the position of your hands, you will either work the triceps or the biceps.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

4) Burpees – 30 sec

Burpees will make more than one suffer! This homemade cardio exercise is intense but extremely complete. As you will see, you will work on all the muscles of the body.  

Start the exercise standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself, put your hands next to your feet. With a little momentum, throw your legs back to arrive in the same position as to make the board. Perform a pump before returning your feet to the original position. Get up and start again! Some versions add a high jump.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

5) Jumping Jacks

This cardio exercise to practice at home is very simple and on top of that, it solicits the whole body. To achieve it is very simple. Begin with your feet together and your arms alongside your body. Jump, expand your legs and raise your arms at the same time. Then jump again to back to the original position.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

6) Cardio Exercise to Do at the Home Board – 1 min

This cardio exercise to do at home is fixed, unlike the other exercises in our program. Take the chance to catch your breath if the previous exercises have tired you. To properly make the plank, you must keep your body straight and parallel to the ground. Many people tend to elevate the lower back which skews the execution of the exercise.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

7) Mountain climber – 30 sec

Again, this homemade cardio exercise will exercise the entire body. More specifically: the abdominals, legs, and arms. To perform this exercise:

Mountain climber at home

  • Put yourself on the ground, as if you were going to make pumps.
  • Bring your right knee to the right hand.
  • Execute the same with the left knee and bring it back to the left hand.
  • Repeat the exercise.
Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

8) Squat Jumped – 30 sec

This cardio exercise to do at home works all the muscle in your legs intensively. To do this, position your feet shoulder-width apart and lift your arms above your head. This will maintain your back straight during the exercise. Curve your knees; take care to go down well perpendicular to the ground. On the ascent, take a jump then start again.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

9) Crunch – 30 sec

Just like the push-ups, crunches cannot fail in your home cardio exercise routine. It is certainly because this exercise allows several variants in order to solicit different parts of the abdomen.  

If you go up completely, then you are going to work in the upper-middle part. If you do short reps, legs up, then you will develop the lower middle part of the abs.   

Finally, you can also twist up to work on the sides.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

10) Skipping Rope – 30 sec

Another great classic of cardio exercises to do at home: the jump rope. Again, you are going to exercise almost the full body. To change the effort, you can alter with small jumps during which you hardly take off your feet from the ground. You can also perform a few jumps during the few you try to raise your knees to the maximum.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

11) Iceman – 30 sec

For this last cardio exercise to do at home, you will once again have to mobilize the whole body. In addition, this exercise requires little coordination. To achieve this:

When standing, feet slightly more open than the width of your shoulders.

Jump on the right side: your right foot is forward; your left foot is back. Your left arm is in front and your right arm is behind.

Repeat on the other side and so on.

Cardio Exercise at Home
home workouts

You will chain these exercises respecting the time recommended for each of them, with a break of 1 minute between each exercise. Repeat this program 2 times each session, which will only take 10 to 15 minutes a day. With 3 to 4 sessions per week, you will not belong in obtaining visible results!


Above all, these exercises will be effective in helping you get back in shape, but it is not the only benefit of cardio exercises. Exercising your heart will enhance blood circulation and make you perform better every day, very quickly. If you eat good and you don’t smoke (or not too much…), you will see the difference very quickly on your breath and your ability to breathe well!  

We recommend that you drink well, before and after each session (with about 2 liters of water per day), but also be careful what you eat.

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