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Fitness Tips for Designing a Gym and a Personal Fitness Area at Home

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a wellness or fitness tips for free space at home, far from the sometimes overcrowded and overheated gyms to workout at their own pace and relax at the chosen time? Here are some Fitness Tips for designing personal fitness rooms.

Fitness Tips are now easier and for a more reasonable budget thanks to the manufacturers who have developed ranges of family or individual equipment and to used cardio machines which are easily found on websites.

Personal Room Fitness Tips: Before you start…

The ideal room for this type of layout should be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday house life. We usually think of the attic but do not neglect the garage or basement track or why not, create an extension to your house. The other points which must guide your choice are the solidity of the floor, natural ventilation, access to bulky and heavy equipment, the arrival and evacuation of water. Here are some tips for personal fitness room ideas.

Some Fitness Tips

  • The solidity of the floor is a safety point that is better to have checked by a professional.
  • A full Jacuzzi weighs around 1300 kg for 4/5 people and 900 kg for 2/3 people which makes an average of 400 kg per m2! And that’s not counting the weight of the people in the Jacuzzi…
  • A treadmill weighs at least 100 kg plus the weight of the person on it. Note that the floor of a dwelling is generally designed to withstand a load of 150 kg / m2.
  • Ventilation must allow reinforced air renewal to avoid perspiration odors. In the case of controlled mechanical ventilation, hygro CMVs which increase the flow by detecting ambient humidity is recommended.
  • A timer allowing passing the CMV in great flow will find its place in this room
  • If possible, a window giving on the outside will bring, in addition to the possibility of ventilating in large, undeniable comfort and natural light.
  • Access to equipment, think about it from the start of your project. Jacuzzis are delivered in one piece and cardio equipment can be very bulky and awfully heavy to handle on a narrow staircase. In addition, the staircase hoppers do not always allow the passage of these objects.
  • The arrival and evacuation of water are essential to the creation of a wellness area. It is a point to think upstream if we do not want to have too many ancillary works in the rooms that these pipes will have to cross to reach your well-being space.
  • If you are building an attic, pay attention to the ceiling heights to determine the locations of the high equipment: the Hammam, sauna and shower cabins require a minimum ceiling height of 2m.

1. Personal Fitness Tips: Basic workout

i) The Solidity of the Floor

As we have seen previously, the solidity of the floor is a determining element. The work to be carried out depends on the bearing capacity of the existing floor and the desired load modifications. On this diagnosis will depend the choice to keep the current elements, to reinforce or replace them, or even to envisage important structural modifications? Caution suggests calling a professional.

ii) Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation should not be overlooked. It is difficult to relax by forgetting every day without creating a bubble of calm! Ditto for third parties, the sounds of the jump rope or weights that are placed heavily can become painful. It is, therefore, necessary to isolate the walls from airborne noise by creating a double skin. The simplest system consists of placing a framework with mineral or vegetable insulation between the uprights with a facing in marine CP or water-repellent plaster.            

For insulation of the floor against impact noise, if you opt for insulation on the existing floor, this consists of using a floating floor or a floating screed. To be truly effective, a floating screed just like a floating floor must be separated from the peripheral walls (implementation of a resilient strip at the periphery of the floor, at the foot of the walls) and in continuity with the vertical insulation.

iii) The Arrival and Evacuation of Water

 The arrival and the evacuation of water are necessary if you wish to install a Jacuzzi, a balneo bath, a ham am, a hydro massage shower or a simple shower, WC. Depending on the distance or the hot water production system, you may need to install an additional water heater. FYI, the water consumption of a hydro-massage shower is 20 to 30 L / min! The evacuation of the water requires a slope of 2 cm / m. The creation of a platform may be essential depending on the distance from the evacuation point. The evacuation of toilets is different from the evacuation of a shower (black water and wastewater).

Workout, fitness tips, Exercise at home

iv) Mechanical Ventilation (VMC)

Very good mechanical ventilation (VMC) is essential for both water vapor and perspiration odors.


There is no need to clutter your room with devices that will not be used and that will have cost you dearly! Cardio machines are expensive and bulky while many exercises can be done with simple, versatile equipment.

The basic equipment of a personal gym should be an exercise mat, weights (with interchangeable weights), a stabilizer ball, a horizontal exercise bench. And if your budget allows, add one or two cardio machines, for example, a treadmill, an elliptical, a rower or a bike.

 As for decor, a PVC floor or solid parquet is essential for the floor and bright and bright colors on the walls and one or two large mirrors to check his posture. Think of the storage spaces to store different accessories. The time spent on effort is also a time to relax and unwind. Do not deprive yourself of little extras such as the sound system in the room, a video screen, a fridge!

A well-being space for yourself and your friends

To discover the sources of well-being, relax, rejuvenate, relax your body and mind one solution, create a well-being space at home to finally take care of yourself with complete peace of mind.

The hydro massage, clocked pressure of mixed water and air jets, relieves tension and painful muscles. Hot water increases blood flow to stimulate the secretion of endorphins, natural painkillers. The heat dilates the blood vessels to activate blood circulation. The muscles have the best amount of oxygen, toxins are better evacuated and blood pressure decreases. The equipment for hydrotherapy is the spa or Jacuzzi, the whirlpool bath and the multi-jet shower. Everyone will choose according to their budget and space.

2. The SPA or Jacuzzi

It offers the advantage of conviviality with family or friends and a real hydrotherapy massage. The spa water remains at a temperature between two uses which induces a certain electrical consumption. The dimensions of a spa for 4 people are on average 230 x230. The height of a spa and 90 cm which implies a dressing or a platform.

home work out, fitness tips, exercise at home

The SPA Bath

 The balneo bathtub is individual but the various forms offered to make it easier to integrate than a spa. It must be filled in every time. Choose a bathtub that is long and wide enough for better comfort, for example, 180 cm x 90 cm.

3. The Multiple Shower

 Hydromassage showers require a pressure of 3 bars. They consume a lot of water. The ready-to-install cabin greatly simplifies installation and sealing.

It is strongly recommended to opt for cabins that recycle the receiver’s water in order to continuously supply the side jets. They sometimes incorporate a steam generator to transform into a Hamm am.

i) Sauna

 The sauna is a dry heat bath (temperatures vary between 80 and 90 ° C), which eliminates toxins and cleanses the skin with profuse sweat. It provides a strong feeling of well-being but it is not recommended for people suffering from blood circulation problems or suffering from cardiovascular disease. The shower is an integral part of the sauna ritual.

The installation of a sauna cabin is within the reach of a good handyman. They are delivered in the form of panels to be assembled. The certain cabin does not have a floor; it is placed directly on the floor which must be perfectly flat and washable. There are many models depending on the number of potential users. For a sauna for two people, count 150 x100.

ii) The Hammam

 The Hammam opens the pores of the skin, removes dirt and bacteria, soothes muscle pain and facilitates breathing. A mist of warm, soothing vapor envelops you and brings you calm. Close your eyes breathe deeply and feel your tension go away. As with the sauna, it requires taking a shower before and after each session.

 The Hammam shower or the thermoformed Hamm am cabin are the simplest systems to install and clean. If you want to create a more personal or exotic decor, opt for a masonry cabin to be tiled. There are custom cabins ready to tile see

There are cabins that make sauna and Hammam at the same time!

3. Personal Room Fitness Tips: The Atmosphere

 The atmosphere must obviously be soothing. Choose natural materials and light, soft colors. For the floor, tiling’s are a good solution from the point of view of cleaning but beware of the slippery appearance.            

Other materials for Fitness Tips are possible which will give an exotic look: pebble slabs and parquet in exotic wood or bamboo. The walls are tiled or painted or even covered with paneling. Favor the harmonies of shades: the same color declined in different shades.

Do not neglect the creation of a rest area, essential between each session of Hamm’ am or sauna and so friendly! Deckchairs, mattresses placed on the floor with large cushions, large beanbags…

If your space benefits from natural light, clear blinds allow dimming the light.

Orchid Plants look great but require natural lighting. Tropical plants are comfortable, such as orchids, bromeliads or even ferns.

Lighting is essential. Pay attention to safety standards in the choice of locations and equipment! Design lighting that allows you to vary intensities and sources.

And finally, for the most demanding, think about the dissemination of music and scents!

home work out, fitness tips, exercise at home

4. Personal Room Fitness Tips: Power Supply

Beware of the electrical consumption of Jacuzzi, sauna … which can lead to high financial expenses and a big greenhouse effect if these devices are used in the winter period during which thermal power stations are widely used in addition to nuclear.

The electrical installation requires that you have an exact idea of ​​your layout and of the equipment that you are going to install to position the power supplies correctly in the walls and partitions while respecting the safety rules of standard NF C 15-100.

A 30 mA differential circuit breaker will be essential to provide protection in the event of a failure in the insulation of these devices.

Power supplies required:

  • 16A for Jacuzzi or whirlpool
  • 16A for a sauna with 3000W radiator
  • 20A for a sauna with 4500W radiator

 To optimize comfort, the heating must be able to be adjusted independently of the rest of the house. Low temperature for the gym and higher for the fitness area

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