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Health is more than mere physical health, or lack of sickness. True health is mental, emotional and spiritual too. It is a total human being.

How to get in!

Dozens, maybe hundreds, of self-help authors and bloggers are willing to give advice — but this is part of the issue sometimes. Where do you say what advice you will follow? When you feel a little stressed, then you’re not alone. May it is best to begin with some common-sense concepts and see where they are taking you. You’d be shocked by the results.

1- Have a Balanced Diet

No wonder people who live longer prefer to eat better. Yeah, fast food tastes good but that is the plain truth: consuming the right food is the best way to lead a healthier life. Here’s a simple thumb rule: make sure that 80 per cent of the food you consume (or more) comes directly from nature. That means “true food” such as vegetables, fruit, lean meat and milk, nuts , beans, and whole grains.

Some claim that proper health begins with what you eat. Most health advice definitely starts with diet. Confusion sadly always begins with food, as everyone seems to disagree. Many researchers suggest carbs should be avoided, some claim they should eat plenty. Second, the enemy is salt, then it is not that bad. But the fact is that a lot of people enjoy excellent health when eating all sorts of food.

Feed in small amounts, feed as fresh as possible, cut out refined foods, raise your diet’s amount of fiber and calcium, and get all your vitamins and minerals RDA. Even if all that sounds difficult to incorporate into your busy lifestyle, find high-quality supplements even dietary aids to help you get your body’s nutritional value.

2- Sleep Enough

If you want to be successful in life, do not throw aside the value of sleeping a good night. Sleeping at least 5 hours a night will boost your life expectancy by as much as 15 a cent. So get a full 7 or 8 hours shut-eye a night

Many of us are in sleep deprivation. There’s so much pressure left in today’s fast-paced world to go, go, go! However rest needs aren’t negotiable. There’s no way you need less sleep to train yourself. Caffeine will keep you awake but the fact that you need rest can not be changed. The necessities of sleep vary. You can need more or less, and that’s good. But if you are used to waking up with an alarm clock and staying awake with caffeine, you may need more than you do.

3- Quit Smoking Now

You should expect to die 7 years sooner than the average person, if you’re a smoker. And the faster you quit, the more likely you are to have years to add to your life.

4- Stay Physically Active

You know the regular warning to talk with your doctor before any exercise program begins? It is not a bad idea, but they can also advise people to check with their doctors before they sit. Spending too much time sitting down is a serious risk to health. Most of us have lifestyles which make it extremely difficult to get enough exercise. Work, education, go online, watch TV, that’s way too much sitting

Fact: Exercise will help you remain healthy and live longer. And if it’s just 15-20 minutes each day, a little goes a long way.

And here’s another argument to remain motivated: a report released in the Journal of Labor Research issue of June 2012 found that people who frequently exercise make up 9 percent more of their wages than their sedentary counterparts. Show me the dollar!

5- Be Social

Socializing is an integral part of living a long and happy life, also out there for you introverts. So schedule a lunch date with a friend you’ve never seen before. Call an aunt, an uncle or a friend to whom you lost contact.

Push yourself to take a happy hour to work and have a beer. Get out and connect with others and you ‘re bound to meet some interesting people who will make you happy life.

6- Have a Couple of Drinks, but Not Too Many

Here’s the best advice you can ever get on living longer. Those who do not smoke, exercise, eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day and consume a small amount of alcohol live 14 years longer on average than those who do not. Which, instead, means “moderation?” Up to 2 drinks a day, according to most health-care experts. Drinking moderately can also avoid cardiovascular disease, so crack the bubble out

7- Dream Big

Well done people are dreamers. They set high their sights, and are not afraid of failing. They genuinely tolerate failure because they realize it’s an important part to develop and change. Don’t fear reaching for the stars.

8- Stay Thirsty for Knowledge

Those who lead long and satisfying lives have this in common: they know as much as they can. Your education doesn’t end with classes. Making it a priority, every day, to learn something new. Read new types of books. Check online for various topics that concern you. Share lunch with a colleague who knows a great deal about something that you know nothing about.

9- Make Time for Friends and Family

Ask 100 people what’s the most important thing in their lives and for most people “family and friends” will be the number one answer. The thing is, it’s easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day superficial moments and lose track of what’s important to us. Also if you are a crazy busy person, block time to spend with family and friends on your calendar. What makes life worth living is spending time with them

10- Be Thankful for What You Have

So many of us are focused on what we don’t have, instead of looking at all the wonderful things that are happening right before us. One research showed that people who concentrate actively on appreciation were happier, more positive, and even better off sleeping than those who did not.

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