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BMI Calculator and What is body mass index mean?

The BMI Calculator or Body Mass Index is a symbol of body size, the one and only authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is a standard to predict the risks relating to underweight or excess weight. Including a calculation, it is a preliminary operation to be undertaken by anyone who wants to reach their healthy weight. The basic variants of BMI Calculator are height and body weight. This body build indicator uses a standard formula to apply to both men and women. To obtain a concrete result, the equation must be solved

BMI = weight (kg) / height squared (mxm).

To help you locate yourself, these well-defined categories will be useful:

  • Underweight (underweight) if BMI less than or equal to 18.5
  • Normal build if BMI between 18.5 and 25
  • Overweight if BMI between 25 and 30
  • Moderate obesity if BMI between 30 and 35
  • Serious obesity if BMI between 35 and 40
  • Morbid or extensive obesity if BMI over 40

Benefits of BMI

Body Mass Index CHART

The main benefit of calculating your body mass index is its interaction with the diseases of “civilization”. Its results show that to a certain degree the subject is, for example, susceptible to developing cancer, or cardiovascular disorders. In this sense, this calculation is of great help in the prevention of pathologies with deleterious effects.

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Calculate BMI to Prevent Certain Diseases

If we have to list the main benefits of using BMI Calculator, we will first start with the different diseases that can be prevented by regular monitoring of body size:

  • High blood pressure
  • Coronary disease or angina pectoris
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Drop
  • osteoarthritis
  • Stroke
  • triglycerides
  • Arteritis of the lower limbs
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Sleep apnea

BMI Table

The following table represents the interpretations relating to your BMI. 

Below 15Famine
15 to 18.5Thinness
18.5 to 25Average/Normal Build
25 to 30Overweight
30 to 35Moderate Obesity
35 to 40Severe Obesity
Greater than 40Morbid Obesity

BMI if you are a Woman or a Man

Contrary to the formula of the IMG (Fat mass index), the BMI is identical for both genders unless the subject is under 18 years of age. However, women do not gain weight significantly compared to men.

bmi calculator
bmi chart
what is bmi
body mass index
what is body mass index

The woman usually stores more fat, and the man more muscle. Their bodies each have their own way of working, but they will produce the same impact: “weight gain”. BMI is also designed to be a simplified computation tool, from which no difference was essential for terms of formula. Although this may be in the form of imperfection, the body mass index recommended by the WHO is quite reliable. The lack of differentiation also makes it easy to implement.

What is Body Mass Index in Children?

The BMI of adults and children cannot be interpreted in the same way, even with equal weight. It is a bit logical since the young people of today are taller than those of yesterday. This is why the growth curves with which we can refer present new references. With those that turned out to be obsolete, a 10-year-old girl should be 134.7 cm on average, while now she is expected to be 139.5 cm.

The new BMI Calculation Formula

BMI was formerly recognized as the Quetelet Index because it was developed by sociologist Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. To be accurate, the indicator was created around 1830. But it used a very easy formula established on the division of body weight (in kilograms) by height squared (in meters). This is this:

BMI = Weight (in kg) / (height * height)

However, the explanation of the index has not changed for all possible consequences. Here are the weight situations and the corresponding BMI that will allow you to see more clearly.

  • Class III obesity = 40 or more
  • Overweight = 25 and 29.9
  • Class I or moderate obesity = between 30 and 34.9
  • Normal build (ideal weight) = 18.5 and 24.9
  • Mild underweight = 17.5 and 18.49
  • Visible underweight or moderate anorexia = 15.50 and 17.49
  • Severe thinness or severe anorexia = 15.50 maximum

BMI Calculation

In front of two very different formulas, there is nothing more normal than wondering how to properly calculate your BMI. The equation BMI = Weight (in kg) / height in a square meter, that we have previously studied! 

What is Body Mass Index Calculation in Women?

The BMI computation is more precise for women than for men. For instance, a woman with an index of 30 is visually obese. But the answer may be negative for a man’s condition. That said the result is closer to reality, that is to say, the image returned by the mirror.

To help you calculate your BMI correctly, we will give you a case example. But before that select the Mass/size 2 formula, not to make it simple, but to have the total assurance of not making a mistake in your future decisions.

Now do the operation in the same way as this 1m55 woman who weighs 53 kg. It quantified as follows: 53 ÷ 1.55² = 22.06 kg / m². To better inform you, here is another illustration: a woman of 1m70 weighing 78 kg calculates her BMI as such 78 ÷ 1.70² =26.99kg / m².

Now that you know how to calculate the body mass index, all you have to do is determine your own. There is nothing difficult unless you favor using an online calculator, this tool is still available. In any case, keep in mind: you are never better served than by yourself!

What is Body Mass Index Calculation in Male?

When we talk about BMI, we always indicate to that of a woman, because her gender tends to pay more concentration to body weight. Men, on the other hand, feel less distressed with this type of problem. However, this indicator has more effect on their health.

A man whose body mass index is between 18.5 and 25 is of normal weight. Furthermore, if his BMI is 25 or more, he is overweight. Below 18, he is considered skinny. And, in the event that the result reaches 40 or more, it indicates a state of morbid obesity.

The man can also discover the degree of overweight by his waist. If it is more than 102 cm, it is considered overweight.

bmi calculator
bmi chart
what is bmi
body mass index
what is body mass index

BMI Child Calculation

Weight problems in young children are fairly overlooked. Parents tend to rely on the appearance of their darling to estimate their build. However, there are tools that can represent this rationally. There is the arc and the BMI which provide knowledge on the health risks of a child, whether a girl or boy.

The Body Mass Index for pups is computed in the same way as the BMI of elders. The formula to utilize remains the same: BMI = weight / (height) 2.

However, size here is expressed in meters, not centimeters. If your little one measures for example 65 cm, you will have to indicate 0.65 m in the calculator.

Although the same calculation is used, the interpretation of the result is not the same for young and old. In children, age and gender are taken into account. It is enough to refer to the body curve for girls or boys to know the possible risks. With a BMI above 97th percentile, the subject is classified as obese. Furthermore, if the index is below the third percentile, it is underweight.

If the Child’s BMI is not Normal

If the arc of body build indicates that your child is obese or thin, you are suggested to talk to your doctor or pediatrician. Since the body mass index cannot be constant in childhood and teenage, it is recommended to monitor your BMI Calculator regularly in order to identify health risks.

This control facilitates the care of the offspring. Only healthcare experts can tell you what to do if you are overweight or obese. It is prohibited to let your child practice a diet without medical advice.

How can I Eat Better According to my BMI?

If you are not in the normal zone based on your body mass index, you will have to change your lifestyle altogether. It is necessary to regain a healthy weight in order to avoid all kinds of illnesses. For example, consider a balanced diet by discussing it with a doctor or dietitian.

This diet should be rich in essential nutrients (fiber, vitamins, etc.), but low in saturated fat. He will also ignore sweets. The calorie intake per day cannot exceed 1400 calories, especially in women. In the meantime, it is worth consuming15 to 30 minutes a day.

Moreover, for people who wish to keep their BMI Calculator, a balanced diet is better suited to them than a slimming diet. This is normally followed by weight gain.

We can also achieve a healthy weight if our index shows underweight. The general rules do not differ from those that apply to overweight individuals: avoid excess salt, sugar and use a varied diet. Instead of eating too much fat or too sweet, prefer foods rich in protein (meat, fish, legumes, etc.). Enrich your dishes with chopped ham, cream and don’t forget the light meals including cookies and yogurt.

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