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Live Healthily And Happily

A healthy life means a healthy body, the body that has the capability to react optimally to whatever is asked of it. Being in good health means that the working day can be carried out without enormous tiredness, that the body can resist small illnesses, and that the whole organism will be able to react fairly to all common situations. In this article, I will explain the component of fitness.

Positive Mind Set

A fitness approach is access that aims at a simple goal: to enhance the state of your body, but also its appearance. Fitness can be achieved through these basic things: A healthy diet, Losing weight, Daily exercise, and Workouts to build your strong muscles. These are the basic component of fitness.

Eating well is essential for fitness and health. In terms of food, the excess is as disastrous as deprivation and quantity must be mixed with quality. Meals should be different and all food categories should be present. It is essential to respect good eating practices.

To lose weight permanently, it is good to make some food arrangements and some exercises rather than depriving yourself unnecessarily.  You can successfully lose a few pounds on two conditions: change your eating customs and increase your physical activity

To burn calories fastly and slim down, you should start a training program at a gym or at home. Here are the 4 key points for successful training: warm-up, cardio training, muscle building, and recovery.

4 Basic Component of Fitness

The following are the basic component of fitness. After reading this article, you will definitely have vast knowledge about the component of fitness.

  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
  • Workouts

1-Nutrition : 1st Component of Fitness

No matter what your fitness target is, understanding the basics of nutrition is essential. It is essential to know what to eat and how much to place on your plate in order to keep yourself fit. Otherwise, you will always have the impact that your diet is not working, and going back to your bad habits will be tempting.

You will have trouble knowing how to eat well to get everything you need and the energy you need. Or at least, why should you eat this type of protein, carbohydrate or fat. The diet of children, old and young, varies according to their health.

Nutrition Component of Fitness

1.1-Men and Women Diet

Women and men do not eat the same thing. An INSEE survey shows differences in food hygiene between the two genders, including the place where meals are taken, the consumption of alcohol or the method of preparation. Commonly, women eat more fruits and vegetables and less prepared meals than men.

Firstly, women do not have the same connection to weight and body. We are in a society where slimness is valued both on a daily basis and on the job market” comments the sociologist. Many women will, therefore, try to stay slim by paying attention to their diet.

Fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, fish, mineral water, infusions are rationally more essential in the female carts while the men turn in priority to pasta, rice, meat, bread, and alcohol. As you get elder, it doesn’t mean you have to eat less. Food requirements do not lessen with the age. The use of nutrients by the body being less good, it is essential to eat as much, if not more in case of increased physical activity.


Malnutrition is a risk that scares older people more. A good diet is, therefore, essential to maintain tone and vitality. Due to malnutrition, there is less protection to infections and loss of muscle mass which can hinder mobility in the more or less long term.

1.3-What does the body need to stay fit?

Everyone wants to know how to live happily and healthily? To stay fit and healthy, you need to eat well. It is an important component of fitness. But what does “eat well” mean? What does the body need to stay fit?


One of the answers is glucose. Glucose is the body’s fuel, especially at the beginning of the exercise. Even when you’ve been exercising for a moment and your muscles get their energy from fat, glucose is still necessary. It provides energy to the human body. Where does glucose come from?

Glucose comes from carbohydrates, hence the value of eating a balanced diet and eating lots of fruits and vegetables with grain-based foods (pasta, rice, bread, cereals). It is necessary to eat right at the right time, as it takes time to digest food.

Nutrition Component of Fitness


Another cornerstone of healthy eating is water. Water is essential to allow nutrients to circulate in the body and to expel waste. Moreover, the body sweats a lot during exercise, even swimming. You can consume water from milk, juice, energy drinks or even just by drinking a good glass of water!


  • Eat natural foods as close as attainable to their natural state, without inclusion (sugars, artificial sugars, sodium, flavors, preservatives or ingredients that you do not know as being natural and healthy …)
  • Favor foods rich in protein and fiber,
  • Consume vegetables AT WILL and VARIED,
  • Eat whole fruits rather than their juice,
  • Eat good fats,
  • Eliminate everything that is processed and refined,
  • Stay away from sugar, Trans fats, sodium, alcohol (as much as possible…)
  • Opt for carbohydrates of plant root and whole grains,
  • Drink lots of water

According to Research

The food we consume plays an important role in how we look and feel. Regular exercise is essential but according to research, nutrition has the largest effect on our fitness. You should focus on healthy food consumption as a primary fitness goal. When healthy eating becomes a habit, we are healthier and happier. Eating right allows us to reduce body fat, feel more confident, and reduce our possibility of illness.

Studies are illustrating healthy food intake as the most important part of our component of fitness programs. Some physicians are teaching healthy eating habits and lifestyles as a way to boost overall health by decreasing fatness and related disease. Make room for fish in your diet

•           Consume tea

•           Focus on healthy fat

•           Find the right dose of carbohydrates

•           Add herbs and spices to your diet

The Basis of Good Nutrition

As a result, the foundation of good nutrition is based on the balance, variety, and moderation of our diet. To stay fit the body requires a specific ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and also vitamins and minerals. However, modern urban food is usually unbalanced, even unstructured, and goes hand in hand with an increasingly sedentary life.

The re-establishment of good practices is more difficult than it seems and nutritional education must start very early, especially when we see childhood obesity increasing in alarming proportions in recent years.

2.Weight Loss: 2nd Component of Fitness

Fitness is an ideal process to reach your goals. We all wish to have a slim, athletic body or just feeling better about ourselves. If you are one of those who wish to have this same profile, then following the component fitness is the ideal process to achieve your goals. Not only will you have the privilege of having a harmonious fat loss, but also it will allow you to no longer question your health with certain draconian diets. Weight loss is an important component of fitness.

However, it is important to follow a good diet in order to have the desired results.

Weight Loss Component of Fitness

The Eating Plan to follow

Except for the foods, you consume before and after workouts, you should also have a well-defined eating plan. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are food items that can help you have good fat loss. For breakfast, for instance, you can use egg whites to properly restrict calories and fat. Do not forget the fruits and also the cereals like oatmeal for example which will allow you to have good energy to start your day well.

Regarding lunch, whole pasta (carbohydrate intake), white meat, fish … (protein intake). It is also recommended to eat a good ration of green vegetables (preferably) which have a significant impact on metabolism. This will allow you to control your hunger and calories. As for dinner, you can have a protein intake. You also have the option of consuming vegetables that have a very low caloric density such as green beans.

Some tips for Weight Loss

2.1-Set yourself a goal

Whether you desire to reduce weight, save to buy a dress, or make a deposit on your next home, you need to set your goal and then set your course of action starting at the end.  And the way to do it is to write down all the steps in the procedure.    

Weight Loss Component of Fitness

2.2-Put Away Your Clutter

  Countertops should only be used to make food, not to leave sacks for cookies or other temptations, says Walsh.  In addition, it strongly advises avoiding clutter.  “Most kitchens are full of gadgets of all kinds, but you can’t make healthy choices in a disorganized and crowded place.  You wouldn’t go to a messy restaurant, would you?    

2.3-Raise Your Metabolism by Sleeping More

 Hormone levels fluctuate depending on how much sleep you take.  “People who do not sleep appropriately usually release more cortisol and as a result more stressed.  However, this triggers the reflex to store fat in the body, “she explains.  Lack of sleep also causes fluctuations in the levels of ghrelin and leptin, hormones that signal hunger and feelings of satiety, respectively.

2.4-Vary Your Training Program   

As effective as an exercise program, you get bored and discouraged when you do exactly the same thing every day.  Change your plan every day of the week, working various parts of the body, advises trainer Harley Pasternak, who has worked with stars such as Halle Berry and Katherine Heigel. You can also change the number of repetitions or alter the cardio and endurance exercises, in short, to ensure that your training does not bother you. 

Following are some ways of losing weight:

  1. drinking water
  2. By healthy eating
  3. By exercises and workouts

Drink Water

Losing weight by drinking water. To reduce weight healthily and adequately by drinking water, there are some rules to follow. Some may seem evident, others are far from it.

Drink about 2 glasses of water 20-30 minutes before each feast:

Water helps eliminate hunger. So water makes you eat less and therefore to eat up fewer calories which makes it easier for you to reduce weight.

Avoid iced water, favor lukewarm or hot water:

Hydrogen Chilled water (and even cold water in general) is more difficult for our body to assimilate than lukewarm or hot water. Indeed, the temperature of our body being 36.6 ° C, it prefers to receive water at this temperature. Give priority to pure water. A soda, against its liquid form, is not water. Coffee, despite its liquid form and the water added to it, is not water. Fruit juice is not water.

Favor still water over sparkling water:

People who want to lose weight know that to get there you need iron discipline and accept many compromises. Especially when eating and exercising. But there are several techniques to reduce weight every day without going hungry or sticking to a strict diet that can harm your health.       

Burning 600 calories a day is an easy aim.  With little effort, with just a few minutes a day of exercise.

 There are different techniques to accomplish this goal.  Even while exercising at home or at our workplace. The key to losing weight is the need to reduce calorie intake and increase physical activity, so you can burn at least 600 calories a day.

3.Exercise: 3rd Component of Fitness

Regular Exercises

From teenage to adulthood, many people consume unrestricted foods rich in fat and cholesterol. Moreover, they left at the same time the practice of sport and abdominal exercises to keep the line. Exercise is a basic component of fitness.

But when the time arrives when obesity and especially the roundness of the stomach scare their physique, they look for techniques and means to try to get out of trouble.   Whether in the gym, in the open air or at home – fitness exercises are easily integrated into everyday life. Exercises are very important to stay fit and healthy because this is an essential component of fitness. Morning, noon, evening, between feasts and always, there are enough fitness exercises for every occasion.  Sport makes you happy, contributes to physical health and performance and helps to sculpt a dream figure.  To do this, just find the challenge that suits you.

3.1-Types of exercise

There are various types of exercises that can be adopted for fitness.


The most suitable fitness exercises for the interaction of large, complex muscle groups are the basic exercises.  The 4 important exercises are the bench press, squats, deadlift, and shoulder press.  They help to enhance large muscle groups, for example, the legs, chest or back in a comprehensive manner.  Essential exercises are done with “free” weights and are therefore not “controlled” by a machine or cable.

Weight Loss Component of Fitness


Isolation exercises are very popular. They make it possible to work areas of muscle in a targeted way and bring revival in any strength training. To work on coordination, for example, it is possible to combine isolation exercises like bicep curls with other exercises like lunges.  It is particularly important here to ensure careful execution of BODY WEIGHT


In recent years, the fashion for fitness exercises that exclusively use body weight has been in vogue.  This mainly involves performing combinations of intensive exercises interspersed with short break times, which consist of cycles.  Fitness exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, abs or sprints are the order of the day.  Benefits of these fitness exercises: They can be done easily at home or on the go as they do not require a gym and do not require any equipment for training.


To warranty a neat and technically correct execution of fitness exercises, it is essential to focus on flexibility and stretching exercises.  They get off the muscle fibers and soothe the muscles and ligaments for training.  Another advantage: flexibility protects against injuries.

3.2-Exercise with Equipment

Fitness exercises should be adapted to physical goals such as bodybuilding, weight loss or lean muscle. When fitness exercises are properly performed, they are an effective instrument for success in the area of bodybuilding or fat burning.  We explain in detail how to execute them well.

The Exercise Bike: Effective for working your breath at home

Usable at home, this sports bicycle takes you to breathe. Also, it helps you maintain your heart rate through a smooth pedaling and catalyst of a toned appearance. It helps you gain breath while working your muscles. Just spending your time pedaling is good cardio training.

The Elliptical Trainer: to work all the muscles of the body.

Do not confound the elliptical cross trainer with the exercise bike. These are two entirely different pieces of equipment that give you impressive results. The elliptical trainer is one of the abdominal machines whose efficiency is well known. It allows a large calorie expenditure while doing gentle cardiovascular work.

The Treadmill: equipment for walking or running

Walking is a great way to lose weight. Walking allows you to burn fat. However, not everyone has the time to walk outside their home. The treadmill is a useful and essential piece of equipment for people who love to walk or run. It allows you through alternative movements of legs and arms. As you already know, walking is very good for the heart. In addition to that, your whole body will flourish at the end of this exercise.

The Rower: good additional equipment to the classic exercise bike

The rower is a piece of equipment that is the companion of the exercise bike. It is efficient in working in the upper part of the body. By pulling and releasing the bar connected by a rope, you are putting a lot more strain on your upper body. So your joints and arms will feel the effects directly.

Exercise Component of Fitness

The Stepper: to have firm buttocks and a flat stomach

Very little known the stepper has proven itself in recent times. Thanks to the climbing simulation, you act on your feet without forgetting your chest and abdomen. Once in motion, your whole being moves and so does your heart.

3.3-Exercise Without Equipment

The Pumps

Training at home and achieving your goals is entirely possible. Classical pumps are one of the best body weight exercises to do at home. The pumps make it attainable to build muscles in the chest. Knee pumps are the easiest and suggested for beginners. It involves placing yourself face down on the ground, resting on the palms of the hands and knees. Spread your arms shoulder-width apart and remember to sheath your trunk well to avoid arching your back. Then make several series of pumps.


Squats are a perfect bodyweight exercise, especially for working the glutes and thighs. In the classic squat, you just have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold your back straight and push your glutes backward, then go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, before going up. You can integrate Bulgarian squats into your workouts, using a small bench or a raised object. Extend one leg back to put it on this object and perform a series of classic squats.


There is nothing good than the great classics to train at home. And among these exercises are the pull-ups. Ideal for working your arms and back, you take benefit of this to intensify your trunk and a large number of muscle groups. To target the biceps, it is essential to work in supination (hands turned towards the sky) and to target the triceps, the hands will be in pronation (turned towards the ground). For conventional pull-ups, be sure to keep your body sheathed and your back straight. Your arms should stay bent. The goal here is to hoist your body until your chin reaches the bar. You then work only with your body weight. But if the exercise is not intense enough, then you can add weights! Pull-ups, squats, and push-ups are the three basic exercises, but there are many more.

The board

Sheathing exercises are always very important. Indeed, they are excellent for strengthening the back as well as the core muscles, which thus work in depth. The plank is a very good exercise to do when training at home. We position ourselves facing the ground, with our feet and elbows placed. Then, we manage this position while taking care to contract the legs, glutes, and of course. The abs. Arrange a series of several tens of seconds or simply keep it as long as possible.


4.Workouts: 4th Component of Fitness

What is a workout routine?

As its name recommends, it is a succession of instructions arranged so that they are repeated regularly, and which respect the principle of progression to generate the corresponding adaptations, and to produce a certain objective. Home training grants you to adapt the daily exercises according to the time available. Any workout routine should include the full work of the muscles. The routine can be extended and enriched as we gain experience according to the needs of the moment. The workout is an important component of fitness.

Workouts Component of Fitness

4.1- What are the Goals of a Training Routine?

The objectives are those of the people who achieve them. Among these, basically and generally, are the following objectives:

  • Muscular endurance
  • Hypertrophy
  • Strength
  • Power


Any fitness exercise program you select, you should always begin with a warm-up time. Allow 5-10 minutes. Do some cardio-type exercises and functional movements. The intention is to gently increase your heart rate, warm up your muscles one by one, and put your joints into action. In the weight training session, you can do some reiteration with weights to get used to a load. A good warm-up will protect you from any risk of injury.


For a complete and efficient fitness session, keep in mind to allow yourself a few minutes to cool down to gradually lower your heart rate. Take the chance to expanse your muscles with a few stretching movements. This will prevent the appearance of aches.

Gym workout

Beginners in the gym should begin with exercises focused on muscle protection, then move on to the enlarged body, thus obtaining a good base. The next step would be to increase muscle strength with the corresponding routines, and in the case of more advanced users or even those who combine with other sports, to work on Strength.

Workouts Component of Fitness

Losing weight can be a difficult process to go through. Between diet and exercise, it can be difficult to stick to your plan. Dieting in a healthy way will help your body run smoothly and burn calories more efficiently. Exercise will have the same effect. You can incorporate three main types of exercise that should be done regularly into a gymnastics routine that will work your body and help you lose weight.

  • Drawing
  • Cardiovascular or aerobic training
  • Bodybuilding


Here are now different categories of movement. These are only an example since we had to limit ourselves to the needs of the cause.

Horizontal thrust movements:

  • Dumbbell press flat, tilted or declined in a neutral grip, supine or pronation
  • Bench press, flat, tilted or declined

Horizontal traction movements:

  • Seated rows, all variations
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Barbell rows in pronation or supination
  • Chest supported rows, various catches

Vertical pushing movements:

  • Standing military press barbell or with dumbbells
  • Push press barbell or with dumbbells
  • Kettlebell press
  • Seated overhead press
  • Vertical traction movements:
  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Lat Pulldowns, various catches

Leg movements:

  • Squat, all variations
  • Deadlift, all variations

Unilateral movements:

  • Lunges, all variations
  • Split squat, al variations
  • Single-leg squat
  • Single-leg Romanian deadlift


  • The board and its variants
  • Crunches and its variants
  • Lumbar extension
  • Rotation
  • Lateral bending
  • Hip flexion

Workouts at home

Here are the important exercises for any workout routine. We calculate that about 30 minutes of exercise a day will help you achieve an ideal physical state. It is recommended to stretch each muscle group that has worked after each session.


Any workout routine should incorporate squats. This exercise tones and strengthens the leg muscles and, by extension, the entire muscular system.

You can use a chair to support you the first few times you do the exercise. The feet should be aligned with the hips. The knees should not advance towards the tips of the feet but remain in their place.

Workouts Component of Fitness

Flexing of arms

The hands should be aligned with the shoulders, the right spine and the firm body, to properly perform arm curls. A variant, in the event of difficulty, consists in supporting the knees on the ground. Start with 12 repetitions until you reach three daily sets.

Triceps background

Any arm muscle training routine should incorporate this exercise. This is accomplished from the back to low support, which can be a bench, on which we place your hands. The feet move away and the hips move down, turning the elbows back.


On the floor, on your back, put your hands following your neck. The elbows try to touch the knees while the legs flex alternately. Care should be taken here for the cervical muscles, avoiding any type of tension. Perform 20 repetitions, until you reach 2 sets daily.


To stretch the legs and biceps of the femur, one option is, on the floor, to touch the tips of the feet with your hands. You can do it first with one leg, then with the other. For the back, the exercise is done standing, bending the torso forward until the hands rest on the ground.

These are the basic component of fitness that will help you to stay healthy and happy.

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