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Is your main Goal now to lose 10 pounds in 1 Month?

No, but seriously, assume about it a little. To weight loss (10 pounds) in 1 month, you will need to invest 154 hours in the next 30 days.

3500 calories / pound x (2.2 pounds / kg) x 10kg = 77,000 calories / 500 calories avg / h = 154h

More Than 5H / DAY?

Uh no!

On the other hand, by applying the following weight loss tips, you will get there faster. You will manage to lose weight without wasting your time! So whatever your particular situation, do not wait to discover the 10 tips that will help you (really) lose 10 pounds in 1 month!

10 Ways to Weight Loss Easily

1. Eat Slowly

Weight Loss Through Eating: Eat slowly

The aroma of a good meal, the reward after a long day of hard work … So many conditions that push us to devour our plate as quickly as possible. Except that this is a far too widespread error and one that can quickly put on weight loss. So, whatever the meal, do not hesitate to chew long, many times, each bite. In fact, this technique, old as the world, makes it possible to quickly get the feeling of satiety without having to use it several times.

A Simple Solution, Completely Free, and Terribly Effective.

2. Weight Loss with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice

A bottle of water, half a pressed lemon (or a whole lemon for the more seasoned) especially no sugar. “A wonderful recipe to boost digestion and promote intestinal transit

No doubt, lemon is known for its gastric characteristics which should not be denied and from which the maximum benefits must be obtained. So, every day, get into the good habit of never going out without your lemon water bottle.

3. The Sport to Loss 10 kg Effectively

Effectively inevitably, sport is part of our list of the 10 most recommended tips to lose 10 pounds in 1 month.

Be careful, especially not excessively, but it is clear that the practice of sport, once or twice a week or more, allows you to lose weight easily by improving, at the: Running, weight training, elliptical trainer or traditional bike to go to work, for example, rower, steps, Zumba…

All means are good to reach your goal in no time, spending you after a day of work and emptying your head in a gym or wherever you choose.

 So what are we waiting for to put on our sneakers?

4. A Balanced Diet and Controlled Deviations

Again, a great classic for weight loss elements, but a classic that is unavoidable. A healthy diet is an essential key to the hope that you can lose weight fast. Whether it’s indefinite vegetables, starchy foods from time to time, and especially plenty of water everywhere and all the time, you really need to take these few good habits to reach your weight goal.

“Small precision that is important: far too often, diets scrupulously prohibit the slightest deviation in your diet

Weight Loss

Conversely, and if you practice a sport on a regular basis, it can be quite interesting to allow yourself a deviation, say once every ten days, to boost your metabolism, provide a large stock of calories, and allow your body to eliminate many more calories over the next few days. A simple logic called “cheat day”, well known to seasoned athletes.

5. Stay Hydrated Everywhere and All the Time

As said before, you also need to drink a lot to hope that you can eliminate toxins from your body, the same toxins that promote fat storage in your metabolism. Lemon water as said before, or still water or sparkling water, all means are good for helping your body eliminate toxins.

6. Starchy Foods, Not too Much

Pasta, potatoes, rice…

Starchy foods are an ideal ally for your body, but be careful to monitor your consumption. Hardly in the evening before sleeping, always at noon in the company of good white meat or fish for instance.

7. Use an Effective Appetite Suppressant to Weight Loss

No secret here. Hunger cutters are used by many overweight people. The essential thing is to select a product that is as natural as possible.

8. Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet to Have a Flat Stomach

The equation is easy:

A slim woman plus a lot of sugar equals a fat woman.

One of the most common sources of difficulty losing weight is instability in your blood sugar. Your diet to lose weight and sculpt your body should have little or no fast sugar. With this simple modification, you will quickly see results on your fat content!

Simple, but certainly not easy to help you, here are some useful tips:


  • Obviously, eliminate sugar from your diet. Allow yourself one or two small treats a week if you have a sweet tooth. Don’t go crazy either!
  • Read the ingredient list of the foods you buy attentively to ensure that there is no added sugar. You should understand the processed products, low-fat products Learn to eat better.
  • Rather than, eat complex carbohydrates, which are high in fiber and low in sugars. Whole grains, vegetables, and legumes. Carbohydrates shouldn’t be all eliminated!
  • Banned carbonated and alcoholic drinks, as well as industrial juices. Beware of fresh fruit juice too! Whether natural or artificial, juices and drinks are full of quickly assimilated sugars. Rather try lemon or citrus water, tea, herbal teas, and carbonated water.
  • Do you have a good fork? Fill it with vegetables instead of pasta, chips, pinots, cupcakes … or any snack filled with sugars or fast carbohydrates.
  • Choose fruits with a low glycemic index, such as berries and apples. Reduce your consumption of bananas for a while…
  • Learn to control your quantities by eating several times a day.

For Snacks, Always have on hand:

  • A Bag of Nuts,
  • A Protein Shake or a Tiny Size tuna Rod …
  • One fruit.

9. High-Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT) to Lose Weight Quickly

Do you really wish to burn more calories in less time?

Simple increase the intensity of your workout.

You will also avoid becoming small and flabby by doing too much moderate-intensity cardio…

  1. Use high strength fitness or strength training programs to boost your body composition. You will lose more calories during your workouts, but also afterward.
Weight loss

Or increase the intensity of your weight loss training program by performing it in the circuit:

  • 30 sec of exercise or the number of repetitions indicated     
  • 30-sec rest or less, just enough time to change your exercise.

2. Instead of 1 hour of light jogging or stationary cycling at regular speed, try:

  • 8 sprint intervals (at utmost force) of no more than 30 sec.
  • 90 to 120 sec of recovery at moderate intensity (50-60% of max) between each sprint.
  • for a total of around 20 min.

Then, a small “finisher” on the rower or the bike:

  • 15 to 30 sec at your maximum capacity,
  • 15 to 30-sec break,
  • 10 to 15 times!

In general, HIITs:

  1. Sessions between 10 and 30 minutes.
  2. The intensity intervals (sprints) should last from 10 to 40 seconds.

The goal is that you are at your maximum during ALL this period. Obviously, if you are a beginner in this kind of training, it is strongly recommended to start with moderate intensity to be able to adjust to the capacities of your body. And take longer rests.

  • Rest intervals should be 10 to 90 seconds.

These periods can be active rest in light to moderate intensity. In the case of very short or very intense rest during the intensity intervals, these periods can also be total rest.

  • Running, swimming, cycling, rowing machine…

As long as you are at your perfect during sprints.

10 minutes of cardio at the last of a workout is worth 30 minutes in the beginning since the metabolism is already activated.

HIITs are very effective. They not only burn more calories in less time compared to classic cardio at regular intensity but help to firm up and boost physical performance.

10. Eat Lean Protein to Speed up Metabolism

That one, I’m almost sure you’re already doing it!

Essential for your muscles, protein also helps you reach your ideal weight by:

  • Requiring more calories for digestion,
  • Giving a better satiety effect,
  • Preventing possible muscle loss from occurring in a calorie deficit,
  • Slowing the assimilation of sugars, which stabilizes blood sugar.

1g of protein per pound of your lean body weight is more than enough!

Of course, the precise amount of protein per day varies depending on your goal.

Choose from:

  • Eggs and egg whites,
  • Tofu, tempeh, sétan …
  • Pisces,
  • Poultry and lean meats,
  • Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, etc.),
  • 0% plain yogurt,
  • Low fat and sodium cheese such as “Allegro” (the other cheeses are too rich in fat and salt),
  • Protein powder

Above all: have fun!

Last tip, and not least: have fun!

Reducing weight is not difficult, on the contrary.

You will find a dynamic body, pretended, close to your assumptions. Nothing like finding the banana and achieving full self-confidence! So let’s go, take note of all the information given above and set off in search of your perfect body.

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