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Diets for weight loss Are you searching for? Or just learning about the different types of diets for weight loss? This is what we are deliberate about in this article. When we choose a particular type of diet, we are limited in our choices. For example, if you choose to be raw food, you will be able to eat only uncooked and raw foods, if you choose the Atkins diet, you will have to eat very little carbohydrate, if you are fruit-only fruit, etc.

Having good knowledge of food, of course, there are things you should not eat if you want to have good nutrition, but you have to understand the meaning better than just eliminate them. I sometimes hear people with little knowledge say that you should not delete anything and eat everything, but unfortunately not. There are real poisons in our diet.

Know first of all that among the different types of diets for weight loss that I will cite in this article.

Different types of Diets for Weight Loss

So here I am going to detail different types of diet which are the most common because there is the whole panoply of them, there are different types of diets which are going to be to follow on a daily basis and those which are going to be to follow for a weight loss for example.

1. The High Protein Diet

It is one of the best-known diets. By adopting an important protein diet, the high protein diet allows you to quickly lose pounds while keeping your muscle mass. To make up for the deficiency of fat, we eat more protein (meats, eggs, fish).

For who?

For those who need support since the high protein diet must be followed under medical supervision. For those with no more than 5 kg to lose. Not recommended if you can’t handle frustration well (no sugars, desserts or alcohol) and you like to party.

2. The Protein Diet

The protein diet is a low-calorie diet whose goal is to increase the daily protein intake. Proteins allow rapid weight loss. Meals are either composed of protein-rich foods or protein meal replacements, sold in sachets.

For who?

The protein diet is aimed at the most motivated and overweight people.

Our Opinion

The protein diet is effective but can be dangerous for health. This is why it is best to do this diet with the help of a dietitian or doctor. It should be reserved for obese or overweight people.

3. The Low-Calorie Diet

The low-calorie diet lowers sugars and fats in order to force the body to draw its energy from its fat reserves. Result? Immediate weight loss. Being very restrictive, it is recommended to watch that the low-calorie diet does not provide you with nutritional deficiencies.

For who?

The low-calorie diet is more disciplined and methodical.

Our Opinion

The low-calorie diet is effective but requires a lot of rigor and discipline. If your goal is to lose a lot of weight, the advice of a dietitian or doctor is best. It should not last over time.

4.     The Dissociated Diet

Separate diets, which are not based on any scientific argument, allow you to eat everything (or almost), but not at the same time. No food is prohibited, but several foods of a different nature cannot be eaten together.

For who?

Ideal for men. Suitable for those who have an iron will! The dissociated diet is not for you if you do not want to think about it because it supposes to compose in advance its menus.

Our Opinion

If you have a few pounds to lose, you can do a dissociated diet over a period of a few days. If you are overweight, it is advisable to consult a dietitian.

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5. The Vegetarian Diet

For those who want to mix lifestyle, moral convictions, and healthy weights. However, it is not recommended for children because of the deficiencies it could cause. It excludes proteins of animal origin.

Our Opinion

The vegetarian diet can be a good diet provided that all the excluded foods are replaced by other foods. It is best to establish a vegetarian diet with the help of a doctor to avoid protein deficiencies in particular.

6. The Detox Diet

After excess or simply to feel better, going on a detox diet allows you to feel fitter in just a few days. Detox juice, soups, herbal teas, we pamper our liver to allow it to eliminate toxins from our body. We inform you a lot about the detox diet, this wellness cure.


The detox diet is suitable for all those who want to eliminate toxins, but their liver at rest, recharge the batteries and pay attention to their shape. The detox diet is welcome after the holiday excesses, with the change of seasons or simply when you feel the need.


Even if it eliminates a few extra pounds, the main purpose of the detox diet is to purify the body by eliminating mini-toxins. There are several detox methods like mono-diet, juicing, raw food. Whichever course you choose, most fruits and vegetables are consumed in the form of soups, juices, and salads.

Be Hydrated

Good hydration is also essential; you must drink at least two liters of water per day to drain. Alcohol, refined sugars and saturated fat are banned from meals. To this, we complete with a gentle sporting activity but beware not an intense activity like running, tennis, swimming. Our organism being on a diet, we risk hypoglycemia. We, therefore, prefer relaxation sports such as yoga, pilates or walking.


The detox diet provides overall well-being! We feel fitter and lighter. Digestion disorders are reduced, sleep problems too. The skin is clearer and more luminous and the hair is shinier.


The first days of the detox diet are often difficult with a feeling of strong fatigue, even weakness, especially if it is practiced in parallel with an active life. And this diet should not be extended for more than a few days (4-6 maximum). But beware, a detox diet does not mean fasting. In order to avoid deficiencies, especially in protein, it is advisable to eat fish during its cure, and also some oilseeds. It is always good to have the advice of your doctor before starting a detox diet.

Our Opinion

After a busy meal or a poor diet, the detox diet is excellent for a short time, to change your eating habits and eat more fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. But this regime cannot be extended over the long term. Result: we eliminate mini-toxins that affect our bodies every day.

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7. The Salt-Free Diet

Salt clogs the arteries and especially those of the heart. Which in the long run can lead to health problems such as a heart attack? Sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt, retains water in the body and cells. With the salt-free diet, you decrease the amount of salt in the body and therefore the amount of water.

For who?

For those who wish to control their salt intake during meals and avoid cardiovascular disease. The salt-free diet is recommended for people with heart conditions, kidney problems or those being treated with corticosteroids.

Our Opinion

This diet is recommended if you have a heart condition or if you have kidney problems. Very restrictive, this diet, however, has real therapeutic virtues.

8. The Carbohydrate Diet

The Low Carb diet puts all sugars on the index. Indeed, according to this diet, only simple or complex carbohydrates make you fat. The immediate result of Low Carb is weight loss (in the form of fat and water), but in the medium and long term, the health consequences can be serious.

For who?

Person! This diet without carbohydrates or carbohydrates is dangerous for health.

Types of Diet: Conclusion

In most of the different types of diets that we can choose to lose weight or simply to change our diet, there will be restrictions to make and of course, changes. Most of the different so-called “slimming” diets will only work for a certain time, the time that you follow the diet, which is not advisable.

If you stop the diet, you will gain weight because you will return to a “normal” diet. Instead, make a dietary change by learning real information that will give you the real keys to achieving your goals whatever they are.

Some diets can be very unhealthy, as the high protein diet for example. A huge amount of protein is not conducive to good health and can even be dangerous. Again, the only way to free yourself from such mistakes is to have knowledge. Once acquired, you drastically reduce the mistakes that you can make by following a diet like this for example.

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