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The best HIIT full body workout for runners and everyone, no equipment required. The best complete HIIT training for runners is much more than sprints. Many people think that HIIT s workouts can only be done within the confined walls of a gymnasium, but you can get in shape and learn the ways of how to get stronger using little or no equipment, in a park. or wherever you want.

We call this the best all-around training for runners, but it also works for people who are not enthusiastic runners.


If you are concerned about any of the exercises listed below and/or if you are overweight please consult a health care practitioner and obtain a training buddy to ensure that you do not injure yourself during the exercise.

The best complete HIIT workout for runners consists of 4 circuits of four exercises each, intertwined with jogging before, after and in between. Warming up and cool down is just as important: there’s a reason it’s called high-intensity interval training – these workouts can be quite intense. Be sure to do some stretching beforehand, starting with some circles of the neck, going through the circles of the shoulders and arms.

Cooling Down

The cooling is quite similar, although you can also use massage tools like foam rollers or massage balls to more easily release muscle tension from target muscle areas.

As for the actual circuits, do each exercise for 30 to 60 seconds – duration depending on your fitness level – and do knees between exercises for 15 to 30 seconds to keep your heart rate high.

Once you’re done with a circuit, go for an easy to moderate 5-minute jog to slightly lower your heart rate. Here is the best HIIT full-body workout.

1. Circuit: Workout for Abs and Core: HIIT Full Body Workout

i) Low Plank

The low planks are super simple. You should keep your body straight while balancing on your toes and elbows on the floor. Boards may seem easy to do, but in fact, they are one of the most difficult basic exercises. If the lower planks are too difficult, try the knee planks or abs panels (using an abs roller).

High Intensity Full Body Workout

ii) Mountaineers

Effectively move your entire abdomen, including the lower abdominal area, to give your abs a run for their money. To perform mountaineers, descend to the high plank position and bring your knees as close to your chest as possible, one at a time, quickly. Guaranteed burn even after 30 seconds.

iii) Floating Kicks

To perform floating kicks, lie down on the floor and run your hands under your buttocks. Lift your legs off the ground just a little and quickly lift one leg at a time, as if you were swimming. Just like mountaineers, it is a super intense exercise for your abs and also extremely effective.

iv) Oblique Crunches on the Knee:

For best results, balance yourself on your buttocks when you perform oblique crunches at the knees. Make the crunches as quickly as possible and twist your upper body when trying to reach your knees with your elbows.

After completing the first circuit, set off for a 5-minute run.

2. Circuit: Glutes and Hamstrings: HIIT Full-Body Workout

i) Back Lunge

Stand with your legs close to each other, almost touching, hands-on-hips. Then return the left foot as far as possible, feeling the stretch in the front of your thighs. Bring your left foot forward in a fixed position. Do the same with the other foot. Repeat until the time is up.

High Intensity Full Body Workout

ii) Side Slit

As above, but instead of backing up, you step sideways. Step as far as possible without losing your balance and stretching your hamstrings in the process. Once you have taken a side step with one leg, return to the starting position and do the other leg.

iii) Elevation of a Quadruped Member

Go down on all fours and engage your heart. Lift one of your legs and your arm on the other side, as high as possible, then return to the starting position. Perform the same with the other leg/arm. Quadruped limb elevations are ideal for muscle toning, both for the upper back/shoulders and for the glutes/quadriceps.

iv) Squatting Support

Squats are perfect for toning and strengthening the glutes and quads; probably the best bodyweight exercise for this (deadlifts are probably better but more hardcore). In this type, you go down halfway in a squatting position, hold it there for 5-10 seconds, then return to the starting position. Wait a second then repeat.

After finishing with the second circuit, set off for a 5-minute run.

3. Circuit: Workout for Legs: HIIT Full-Body Workout

i) Sprint

find an object about 10-15 meters (30-50 feet) from you. Sprint here and back until the time is up. Adjust yourself, but give it as much as you can and make those clean, fast turns.

ii) Burpees

We are sure that everyone has made burpees at school, so we will not go into details to make them correctly. Make sure to do them at a regular pace and jump at the end, extending your arms when you jump. Go hard or go home.

iii) Sprint (again)

As above, do your best and keep sprinting until you reach the turning point on each side. To make sure you don’t cheat, touch the ground outside the perimeter of the sprint distance when you turn.

iv) Jumping Jacks

Another favorite of the school assembly, be sure to do it as fast as you can without compromising form.

After completing the third circuit, set off for a 5-minute run.

High Intensity Full Body Workout

4. Circuit: Workout for Arms and Upper Body: HIIT Full-Body Workout

i) Disengage Able to Push Out

you start standing with your arms hanging next to your body. Lean forward until you hit the ground and move forward with your arms and take a push up start position. Go back up then back up.

ii) Side Plank (left)

this is a variation on the high plank when your arms are extended instead of resting your weight on your elbows. To start, take the same position as if you were pushing up. Then lift one of your arms and stretch out, turning your upper body in the process. Hold this position for the desired time and then return to the starting position.

iii) Canned Dip

Find a bench or raised surface and take a dip with your legs on the ground. This exercise is also detailed in the best gymnastics training for beginners, linked above.

iv) Side Plank (right)

As above but on the other side.

After finishing the last circuit, go for a 15-minute recovery run, then stretch.

5. Other Exercises for HIIT Full-Body Workout

Exercises for full-body workouts

Seated rows with resistance band

Muscles worked: Lats, upper back, biceps, and forearm

Groups / Representatives: Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions with a 60-second break between sets

Sit on the floor, legs straight in front of you, back straight. If you find it hard to sit in a 90-degree angle, you can stretch them using – surprisingly – the resistance band.

i) Stretching Hamstrings: HIIT Full-Body Workout

To stretch the hamstrings, lie on your back and bring one foot closer to your body. Wrap the band around the sole and lift the leg. Once the leg is fully extended, gently pull the band up towards the body while the leg pushes against the band. Take three shots when you exhale, slightly increasing the shot each time. Once done, do the other leg.

Once the hamstrings are stretched, sit up straight, back straight, legs straight in front of you, the resistance band wraps around the soles of your feet. Pull the band toward your abs with your shoulders open, and then let your arms forward again.

Concentrate on activating the lats and do not lean too far forward when you return to the starting position.

High Intensity Full Body Workout

ii) Resistance Band Motors: HIIT Full-Body Workout

Muscles worked: Quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, core, shoulders, upper back, triceps

Groups / Representatives: Perform 2 sets of 12 repetitions with 90-second intervals between sets

Therapists combine two excellent exercises: squats, which work the legs and buttocks, and pressure on the shoulders, which work the upper back and shoulders. Boosters are basically a complete workout for the whole body.

To execute a propeller, place yourself on the resistance band, legs shoulder-width apart. Hold both ends of the strap in your hands and raise your hands to shoulder height. To start, do a squat by holding your hands against your shoulders.

Once you get up, push your arms above your head, then lower it to shoulder height. This is a representative.

iii) Push the Resistance Band: HIIT Full-Body Workout

Muscles worked: Pectoral, triceps, deleters, nucleus

Sets/repetitions: Perform 2 sets of 8 repetitions with a 120-second pause between sets

In this variant, perform a regular push with the resistance band that surrounds the upper back and the ends held down by the palms of the hands. For more intensity, try tightening the band to provide more resistance.

iv) Good Morning Resistance Band

Activated muscle areas: Lower back, buttocks, hamstrings, core

Groups / Representatives: Perform 2 sets of 8 repetitions with a 60-second break between sets

Stand on the strap and hold the ends of the strap in your hands. The starting position is bent forward; legs spread shoulder-width apart, back straight, shoulders open. You would like the group to be slightly stretched even in the starting position; this will give you the resistance you need to stretch your back.

For a good morning, all you have to do is extending your body completely upright, then bring it back to its original position. While you do this, make sure your center of gravity stays directly above your feet.

Hello is a wonderful exercise to strengthen the lower back and stretch the hamstrings, two areas that are a major cause of discomfort for many people.

v) Squeaks on the Knees of the Resistance Band: HIIT Full-Body Workout

Activated muscle areas: Abs, nucleus

Groups / Representatives: Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions with 30 seconds pause between sets

High Intensity Full Body Workout

Wind the group securely on a high point. Holding the end of the strap, kneel down and your hands on your forehead close together. Have a fit by placing your shoulders on the floor while you lean forward.

Keep the nucleus active so as not to lose balance during exercise. Go back to the starting position with your back straight.

With abdominal exercises, it always aims for higher repetitions than the usual hypertrophy interval (8-12 repetitions) because the abdominals can withstand more pressure than other muscles (just like the calves).

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